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THANK YOU VERY MUCH to everyone who shared my "SPREAD THE WORD" post I published two days ago. I am very, very grateful for your support. Over 7.500 people saw the post on Facebook and almost 1.000 people shared it here on Tumblr! Let’s keep going!

I don’t want this creepy guy to get close to ANY other cosplay girl again and I don’t want and other cosplayer to fall for his scheme like I did. Behaviour like this is anything but okay. Cosplay =/= Consent, Cosplay Girls don’t ask for it and they aren’t stupid to take their clothes off because they are told to. They are actual human beings and not drawn fictional characters on a sheet of paper.

I know this is a very radical step, but since neither "Dave" nor “his girlfriend” who did the interview got back to my messages in which I asked them to set things straight I’d like to ask you to report this man.
Behaviour like his is not acceptable - Under absolutely NO circumstances. Therefore I’d like to ask you to help me ban this man from Facebook so he cannot approach any cosplayers anymore..!

You can find his profile right HERE.

PS: I want to point out that it is not my aim to harrass or bully "Dave Mirra". I am taking steps against a man who is trying to take advantage of cosplayers which is absolutely NOT OKAY.

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