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Today I was approached by an acquaintance of mine on Facebook. He asked me if I was interested in doing a Cosplay Video Interview for his new Facebook page "Cosplay: Not Just A Hobby".
Having met this guy before I agreed and talked to his girlfriend about the formalicies on Skype - She was supposed to be in charge during the interview which was fine for me.

Doing a Cosplay Video Interview in costume in front of a webcam is nothing new to me, so I dressed up and waited for the interview to start…

First of all everything was alright. The questions were normal “How did you get into cosplay?” “How long have you been cosplaying?”, etc. Everything was completely fine…

Until the “Interview” part was finished and the optional “Quizz” part started in which I had the chance to win a 2.000$ laptop.

I told the host of the interview I had no clue of the games she was going to ask me questions about, but she kindly asked me to give the whole quizz a try… Since I had nothing to lose I agreed and we started the quizz.

And right after I had answered the first question incorrectly the host told me to take a pieces of accessory/cloothing off…

To cut a long story short: I refused to take anything off, to continue the quizz or interview or whatever and wanted to stop the conversion. Which got me into a huge discussion with the host who complained that there was […] “Nothing scandalous in taking off a ribbon or an apron.” […]

Right. There IS nothing scandalous about it. But I’m a professional and I will NOT take off ANY part of my costume in front of a webcam to anybody ever. And WHAT PROFESSIONAL OWNER of a cosplay website would EVER ask an interview guest to do that?!

(At this point the host even pointed out that she wouldn’t record the quizz part and that the stripping - yes, I will call it by its name, stripping - was just for fun. The conversation continued like this:

[22:27:22] : “its not stripping, it’sjust a simple apron to try out the last two questions … -_-
[22:28:20] : and i’m not recording. i don’t need this kind of stuff.
[22:28:49] : because it is just the rule of the quiz, our sponsor doesn’t give free laptops.
[22:29:04] : no, because there is no video.
[22:29:09] : we just make it hard to win it.
[22:29:27] : it is simple, stand and remove the apron and we try a last question. it’s a prize after all.
[22:29:40] : no, i’m just trying to make you win something that has a value
[22:29:57] : just an apron, then you stop.
[22:30:08] : obviously no one is forcing you! i don’t want it :)”

I won’t go on any further… I’ll leave it at that.)

Anyways, at the very end the host left, telling me […] “she didn’t need any else from this attitude, really.” […]
I am extremely angry and ashamed I fell for this whole thing in the first place. Therefore I’d like to ask you:


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